Mentor / Counselor Information


What is a Mentor or Counselor: Someone that Hosts a workout session !

What is the Criteria to be a Mentor our Counselor:

  • Your Church should provide you with this information – they will have their own criteria.
  • Would need to commit to a minimum of one hour per week to get on a video call/session.
  • If you are a Christian Counselor, your session will be different than that of a Mentor.  A Mentor will listen and participate in the session by providing scripture verses, information as to how you may work through your issues using the scriptures and not by your personal or non-biblical opinions.
  • It would be helpful to the Participant if you would be willing to provide pieces of your personal testimony to share as witness to your transformation through Jesus Christ.
  • A Mentor or Counselor may allow other Mentors/Counselors in the session to provide their personal experiences and scripture verses that helped them through their trials.
  • A Mentor or Counselor may wish to only have one person in the session; however, like-minded folks may be allowed to sign up for sessions as a group.