About Us

Sanctification Workout is a private place where you can come where no one but your Mentor needs to know who you are.  You can remain incognito.  Have you ever wanted to talk to someone but you just didn’t know how or where to do that?  Have you ever wanted to talk to someone but you didn’t have a clue who to talk to?  Have you ever been to church and you wanted to reach out to someone but you were afraid?

That’s who I was. This is Pat. When I went to church, I would listen to the Pastor and the words would run through me touching deep below the surface as if he was talking directly to me.  Since I didn’t really know anyone, I didn’t feel comfortable in seeking out someone to talk to.  I would have had to admit I had a problem with something.  To know me, you wouldn’t think this was the case because I’m pretty much an open book.  There was something very intimidating about church and those in leadership.

That’s where we come in.  We are seeking to cooperate with Churches all over the nation.  We will be meeting with local area churches first and hopefully, they will let their congregation know that have a website where you can go to for Christian Mentoring and Counsel directly through your Church of choice.